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Application Life Cycle Management

Software Change Management from Remain Software

A robust Software Change Management (SCM) system can substantially improve software development, testing, and deployment efficiencies, streamline processes, reduce software defects, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

 What is TD/OMS?

TD/OMS is an in-house developed flexible and cost effective Software Change Management solution supporting IBM i (AS/400, Power Systems), Windows and Unix/Linux.

 The basics of TD/OMS incorporate fundamental IT business processes such as Incident Management, Configuration Management, Version Management, Release Management, Life Cycle Management and Software Distribution & Deployment.

 The IT organization is supported in streamlining the change process of any type of application, no matter the complexity of the environment. TD/OMS gives complete control over the software life cycle process. It provides a real time overview of software components and configuration. Compliancy and auditing requirements can be easily met due to the registration of all component movements.

  • Incident, Request and Task Management
  • Approvals at all levels
  • Source Code Control
  • Source compare and merge
  • Rollback, either automatic or manual
  • Source Archiving
  • Complete history of transfers and changes
  • Extensive API’s
  • Automatic deployment
  • Strong interfaces
  • 4GL support for LANSA, CA 2E, CA Plex, AS/SET, IDDOS, Magic, EGL
  • Supports Parallel development
  • Object Stamping
  • Native Eclipse Interface
  • Integration with Open Source Tooling: Subversion, Mylyn, BIRT, Maven
  • Built in cross reference down to the field level
  • Support for non system I components
  • Interactive planning tool
  • Facility for Emergency object transfers
  • Customizable Reports
  • Support for IFS objects

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