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Why TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox?

With RPG Toolbox integrated within TD/OMS your legacy applications maintained with the Remain's application life cycle management solution can easily be modernized to free-form RPG. The entire process takes place under the TD/OMS control, so no data can be missed (TD/OMS stores the previous version of your software, so you can go back to it anytime, and keep the track/history of your software for reporting purposes - audit/SOX/ISO compliance). With such streamlined modernization process your new, modernized applications can be up and running really quickly.


The core of the solution is industry-leading analysis and documentation from X-Analysis (Fresche Legacy) provided through Fresche’s open API. Through a sophisticated interface, it combines with Remain Software’s TD/OMS, and benefits from extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor. The result is an ultra-modern industry standard in development and management of IBM i applications.



  • powerful impact analysis
  • automated code review during promotions
  • graphical analysis and documentation
  • access to all the code analysis information
  • automated and controlled workflow
  • quality and productivity improvement.

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