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Gravity is a brand new approach to Application Lifecycle and Workflow Management and is targeted especially at software developers, IT executives and Business analysts, who will benefit from using Gravity to a great extent and within a very short period of time with several extremely useful functionality.

Gravity Business Benefits




  • Time and money savings
  • Workflow control
  • Requirements management
  • Workload predictability
  • Standardized way of working
  • Significant increase in employees and machine productivity
  • Work quality improvement
  • Improved team communication and collaboration
  • Laws and regulations compliance (SOX, ISO, COBIT, etc.)
  • Future proof technology
  • Reduced risk in business continuity
  • Methodology independence (AGILE, Scrum, Waterfall, xp, “the next great thing” tm, etc.)


What makes Gravity unique?

Several features make Remain Software solution different from other workflow management products.

-       Service Oriented Architecture,

-       Multi-Platform Framework (IBM Power Systems, Windows, Unix, MAC and/or Linux platforms),

-       State-of-the-art technology (as Eclipse, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), OSGI, Multi-platform (Java) and Multi Data base),

-       Improved security with authorization and authentication,

-       Database independence and extensibility (20 supported relational databases, like DB2, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc. and other databases on request),

-       Personalization functionality,

-   Methodology independence (AGILE, Scrum, Waterfall, XP, etc.).


Software Change Management on IBM i platform & Gravity synergy

Remain Software customers who currently use their Software Change Management solution TD/OMS can also benefit from using Gravity. Utilizing Work Management, it is easy to make a connection between the Gravity Work Document and the TD/OMS Request and Fix. Within Gravity a very granular document structure can be created so that TD/OMS will be enriched with options to create Projects, Releases, User Stories and other types of documents before work is promoted to TD/OMS fixes. When TD/OMS fixes are completed, a message will be send back to Gravity.

Gravity Work Management module can also be used to create required documents, and launch a preliminary process before the actual development starts. After TD/OMS processing is finished, the workflow can be completed in Gravity which enables complete, full-circle Enterprise Change Management.

Users will quickly notice how workflow management functionality combined with TD/OMS can significantly improve software development process quality.


Gravity Task & Workflow Management solution is accessible in two ways - installed application and remotely, as a web client. The web-based Gravity is available anytime and anywhere - whenever you need it.

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